Crib Toppers

Our crib toppers are a great alternative to the traditional crib bumper.  Lightly padded, they add a beautiful style to any crib without falling too close to where your child is sleeping. Hand sewn in the USA.
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Camille Scalloped Topper Pink Check
Camille Straight Topper Blue Check
Camille Straight Topper Oatmeal Check
Cole Linen Topper
Dyllan Frayed Edge Linen Topper
Dyllan Frayed Edge Scalloped Topper
Elizabeth Heirloom Topper Blue
Elizabeth Heirloom Topper Ecru
Elizabeth Heirloom Topper Pink
Elizabeth Heirloom Topper White
Jack Airplane Topper
Jessi Linen Topper Oatmeal Ticking Stripe
Jessi Linen Topper with Blue Ticking Stripe
Jessi Linen Topper with Pink Ticking Stripe
Kate Scalloped Topper
Lucy Topper Blue Trim
Lucy Topper Pink
Maggie Blue Topper
Micah Linen Straight Topper
Piper Linen Topper
Reagan Linen Scalloped Topper
Sellers Floral Scalloped Topper
Sellers White Linen Scalloped Topper
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